77 Sir Rogerson's Quay
We use data-centres on five continents; providing global redundancy
3D rendering and design is part of our portfolio
3D printing trend is picked up; Bergkristal is hooked up to the 3D matrix


Who are we?

Initially it started out in 2010 with consultancy on organizations, processes
and the IT related market segmentation such as Data Storage, Development, Systems Administration & Basic Security concepts.
The name is derived from the name of the registered owner, who is of Dutch descent.
The reason for registering the name is to gain experience in the business world of Ireland;
how businesses are being set up, where the process hurdles and bottlenecks appeared,
and most importantly; what are the benefits on doing business in Ireland being part of the European Union.
The people who are held in the framework of Bergkristal are situated over the continent of Europe;
an IT community who are linked by former work relations and personal connections;
Some relations even go back to the time before the Internet existed and grew in experience over the years,
mentoring, coding or starting from an early BBS member to a main source of forum information provider.

What are our products?

This is where the subgroup Coders & Admins comes in; ready to deploy experienced coders and administrators;
Available for one hour to validate your envisioned system requirements until a made to measure managed services
program where a contracted subgroup service a data-center infrastructure, guided by a Service Level Agreement.

Our current portfolio:

  • Web Technologies
    PHP (Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress,
    Zend Cart, Codeigniter, Zend Framework, OS Commerce),
    Perl, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion).
  • Android Application Development Services
    Language and Scripting : Java.
    Mobile operating system : Android
    IDE : Eclipse With Android sdk manager
    Web Services : SOAP, JSON, REST.
  • Quality Assurance Testing:
    Performance Tool: Load Runner.
    Testing Tools: QTP, Load Runner,
    Win Runner, ANTS Load, Bugzilla,
    Test Director, SITEMAPPER, WEBART, Xenu.
    Internet Information Services
    Visual Studio 6.0 Stored Procedure Versioning
    Visual SourceSafe
    Microsoft SQL Server
  • Big Data Administration:
    Linux on Z/systems
    Cloudera Hadoop Cluster Architecture
    EMC Isilon Infrastructure Software
    Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

Our customers have tailor made solutions with an account manager and assigned specialists.

As the market is an ever changing world of data streams we keep up to date with the latest news and updates.