77 Sir Rogerson's Quay
We use data-centres on five continents; providing global redundancy
3D rendering and design is part of our portfolio
3D printing trend is picked up; Bergkristal is hooked up to the 3D matrix


Bergkristal Software Solutions is a registered business name in the Republic of Ireland.

The business name shall be published in all matters as Bergkristal Software Solutions
The name is derived from the name of the registered owner, who is of Dutch descent.
The reason for registering the name was to gain experience in the business world of the Republic;
how the businesses were set up, where the hurdles and bottlenecks appeared.
And what the benefits are on having and doing business in Ireland.

Initially it started out with consultancy on organisations, business processes
and IT related subjects such as Data Storage, Development, Systems Administration and Basic Security concepts.
For 2014 its purpose is to strive towards a higher plan. The business will get a professional address,
moving to Sir Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2. The core business; IT consultancy, will become more transparent
and 3 product targets will be developed Think-tank style.

Game Development (Arcade and 3D), Unmanned Research (Recon Drones) and Airship Logistics.
As these targets mean a substantial timeframe; documents and patents will appear over time,
as well as free to play games on social media, android and pc.

The strategy is set;  ‘ever onward’ is our motto



CRO 418871 / SNR 9004361

Address: Suite 5004, Unit 1,

77 Sir Rogerson’s Quay

Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland
Telephone number: +353 (0)1 4428488
Contact by electronic mail info@bergkristal.eu


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